Friday , 30 January 2015

Peercoin: the low energy Bitcoin beater? [infographic]

Peercoin, previously known as PPCoin, was born with the dream of improving the system previously established by Bitcoin. This cryptocurrency was the first one based on the implementation of a combined proof-of-stake and proof-of-work system, changing one of the original essential principles of virtual currency.

These two digital coins have a lot in common, as well as important differences. Take a look at this following infographic brought to you by Bitcoin Examiner and you will see. Peercoin was introduced in August of 2012 and still battles to be the safest coin in the world of cryptocurrencies.

Peercoin Vs Bitcoin (1)


  1. “Usually known as PPCoin” isn’t accurate anymore. This coin is now mostly known as “Peercoin” after a consensually-agreed, recent re-branding effort. The Peercoin community is politely hoping and requesting the name “PPCoin” isn’t used going forward to lessen confusion.

    You could though, have correctly stated, “Previously known as PPCoin” or “Once known as PPCoin”.