Tuesday , 27 January 2015

ASICMiner Block Erupter By the Numbers [Infographic]

ASICMINER USB infographic


  1. Some numbers are wrong, they are 1BTC, so ~70 USD right now. NOT 180, I know that is the amazon price, but this are only resellers with amazon marketplace accounts. This also makes the mh/$ ratio different.

  2. The price of this picture is wrong.
    The Sticks are for sale for 1.05 BTC which is $80 / stick NOT $185..
    Also the MHash/Sec/$ is MUCH higher than the 1.79 on this picture.

    I’ve contacted the site af few days ago about this, but no response so far…

    • Where do you see it being sold for $80?? Everywhere I’ve checked I’ve seen it sold for approximately $140.. Thanks.